How to Make Your Own Treasure Map for Metal Detecting?


How to Make Your Own Treasure Map for Metal DetectingA treasure map can be used for many ways such as games, school plays, treasure hunting or just fun activities with your family and friends. With a metal detector, you can then search those nuggets as described in the map. Making your own treasure map is easy and fun at the same time. The materials used are locally available and you will not need to spend a lot.

Creating the Design

  • It is important to think about the type of treasure map that you want to make. It could be a path filled with landmarks or just a map with several spots of hidden objects underneath the ground. It is important to ensure that the start can be found easily and place where the treasures are hidden is not easily disturbed.
  • Draw your map on a piece of white plain paper. Do include a compass so that the treasure hunters will know their bearings. You can also include some written notes on clues where the treasure might be hidden. If you want your map to be durable, you can then use a thicker piece such as a card stock.
  • Draw the specific features and objects that you want to include in your map. You can use a variety of different inks, water colour paints, coloured pencils and pencils with different sharpness to make it unique. Mark the place where the treasure is hidden with a red X. Then proceed to include landmarks to mark the beginning and end of the treasure hunt. Feel free to include other things such as mountains, houses, trees, plants, rivers and other water bodies. To make your treasure map more creative, include some fun elements such as castles and serpents.

Make Your Map Look Authentic and Classic

To make the map look old and worn out, tear the edges of the paper. Use a wet tea bag to wipe both sides of the paper. The paper will turn brown and completely saturated. This makes the map appear as if it has passed through many generations of treasure hunters. To increase the worn look, crumple the paper several times into a ball and leave it overnight to dry. To add an extra touch of authenticity, wipe it with cooking oil on both sides after drying overnight. You should be very careful not to tear the map while unfolding it. After wiping it with cooking oil, it will look crunchy. Leave it outside to dry. After it has completely dried, your treasure map will look very old.

Using the Treasure Map

How to Make Your Own Treasure Map for Metal DetectingYou can use the map as a scavenger hunt. Include real treasures, prizes and clues. You can make the treasures metallic in a way that they can be detected with a metal detector. You can then spend an afternoon with your family and friends hunting for treasures with your newly created treasure map and a few metal detectors. You can then turn your home into a wilderness full of treasures.


Treasure hunting is a fun way to spend those weekend afternoons. It can be done outdoors and indoors. You do not need complicated equipment. Just make your own treasure map, get as creative as you can and enjoy the ultimate adventure.