How to Make Your Own Treasure Map for Metal Detecting?


How to Make Your Own Treasure Map for Metal DetectingA treasure map can be used for many ways such as games, school plays, treasure hunting or just fun activities with your family and friends. With a metal detector, you can then search those nuggets as described in the map. Making your own treasure map is easy and fun at the same time. The materials used are locally available and you will not need to spend a lot.

Creating the Design

  • It is important to think about the type of treasure map that you want to make. It could be a path filled with landmarks or just a map with several spots of hidden objects underneath the ground. It is important to ensure that the start can be found easily and place where the treasures are hidden is not easily disturbed.
  • Draw your map on a piece of white plain paper. Do include a compass so that the treasure hunters will know their bearings. You can also include some written notes on clues where the treasure might be hidden. If you want your map to be durable, you can then use a thicker piece such as a card stock.
  • Draw the specific features and objects that you want to include in your map. You can use a variety of different inks, water colour paints, coloured pencils and pencils with different sharpness to make it unique. Mark the place where the treasure is hidden with a red X. Then proceed to include landmarks to mark the beginning and end of the treasure hunt. Feel free to include other things such as mountains, houses, trees, plants, rivers and other water bodies. To make your treasure map more creative, include some fun elements such as castles and serpents.

Make Your Map Look Authentic and Classic

To make the map look old and worn out, tear the edges of the paper. Use a wet tea bag to wipe both sides of the paper. The paper will turn brown and completely saturated. This makes the map appear as if it has passed through many generations of treasure hunters. To increase the worn look, crumple the paper several times into a ball and leave it overnight to dry. To add an extra touch of authenticity, wipe it with cooking oil on both sides after drying overnight. You should be very careful not to tear the map while unfolding it. After wiping it with cooking oil, it will look crunchy. Leave it outside to dry. After it has completely dried, your treasure map will look very old.

Using the Treasure Map

How to Make Your Own Treasure Map for Metal DetectingYou can use the map as a scavenger hunt. Include real treasures, prizes and clues. You can make the treasures metallic in a way that they can be detected with a metal detector. You can then spend an afternoon with your family and friends hunting for treasures with your newly created treasure map and a few metal detectors. You can then turn your home into a wilderness full of treasures.


Treasure hunting is a fun way to spend those weekend afternoons. It can be done outdoors and indoors. You do not need complicated equipment. Just make your own treasure map, get as creative as you can and enjoy the ultimate adventure.

Make your Own Map for Running Trails and Plantar Fasciitis Footwear

What Do You Want In a Running Map?

Make your Own Map for Running Trails and Plantar Fasciitis FootwearPlanning a running trail is all about personal preference. Some people might prefer to run on pavements, others rails and others in parks. There are different things to consider for when choosing the location of your running map. If you are an athlete training for an upcoming event or just training to keep fit, you should consider hilly areas to include in your running trail. Those who are normal runners can stick to pavements since they do not require those intense sessions. Once you have settled on the trail in your mind, you can then make a solid map to represent your ideas.

Consider Other People’s Trails

When you are designing your own map for running, trails, it is advisable to consider other people’s routes lying in the same region. You can use online tools and use a combination of keywords to search for a trail that you want to be following. You can use a tool such as MapMyRun to help you in mapping and identifying other trails in the vicinity. This will help you in identifying dangerous neighbourhoods and bad terrain. In the online software for mapping, you can filter by date created, nature of the trail, and the length.

Map Your Own Route

After identifying the trail you want to follow, length and terrain, you can then proceed to map it out. There are different tools that are free and easy to use. Some are Smartphone apps such as Runkeeper, Runningmap and MapMyRun. On your screen, click your starting point and move along the trail. Your Smartphone will highlight all the route details. You can then proceed to save it online and access it on a computer later for printing.

Running Footwear

Make your Own Map for Running Trails and Plantar Fasciitis FootwearWhen you are running, you put pressure and stress on your foot. It is therefore to use the right kind of shoes. People suffering from plantar fasciitis need the right type of shoes to minimize pain in the feet. Most runners chose to use orthotic inserts on normal running shoes which are not always advisable. Orthotic inserts cannot provide the comfort and support that the right running shoes for plantar fasciitis can provide. Running footwear for plantar fasciitis should have the following features;

  • Back that is super comfortable and well cushioned. This will protect the foot from damage and excess pain
  • Shock absorber. This will spread the weight of the body evenly when the foot strikes the ground. This ensures that there is no particular part of the foot that receives all the impact.
  • Solid heel counters. A good running shoe for people with plantar fasciitis should have solid heel counters, firm midsole, and a flexible toe box to maintain a comfortable position for the foot.
  • Motion control. Shoes designed for plantar fasciitis are rigid and reduce overpronation. Motion control plantar fasciitis footwear maintains the foot’s natural position and reduces improper foot realignment.

Shoe Varieties for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Asics GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoes
  • New Balance 990v3
  • Brooks Beast 12
  • Saucony Kinvara 4


Choosing to make your own running map for running trails can appear challenging initially. With proper planning and gathering the right information, you can easily create one that meets your requirements. When running, it is advisable to use the correct footwear that will reduce too much pressure and tension on your feet.

Why to Make Your Own Maps on Devices?


There are several factors that may necessitate the need for a map. You can be planning a trip, a treasure hunt, running or biking trails or even educational. Whichever the need, there are always two options by which you can obtain a map. You can buy the already created maps, or you can create your own map with the online tools that are readily available. Here we will look at why make your own map and the benefits.

Save On Costs

There are a couple of online tools that you can use in making maps. These include Google Maps, GoogWhy to Make Your Own Maps on Devicesle Earth, Animaps, Umapper, Scribble Maps, Click2map, Zeemaps, Maptiler, Gmap Gis, Geocommons among others. Most of these mapping tools are available in both free and paid versions and it all depends with the level of customisation that you want.

The most commonly used is Google maps. Google maps allow you to download maps of a certain location that you can then load into your map making software and customize according to your needs. Purchasing topographical maps is way more expensive.

Topographical maps come with landmarks and features some of which you may not need in your map. Topographical maps are also updated every year due to changing nature of human activities. It would therefore prove to be an expensive option of buying maps every year just for the additional of a few extra features.

Easy To Make

With easy to follow tutorials, making your own personal map is easy. You just need to have the right tools and you can then proceed to make your own maps. The online tutorials have been crafted by specialists and professionals who understand how hard it can be for a novice to create a map from scratch. These tutorials give a step by step guide which is easy to follow even for people who are not trained cartographers.

Easy To Customize

Why to Make Your Own Maps on Devices 1As outlined earlier, with your own soft copy of a map, it is easier to customize and add optional features. You can map out based on your interests on hobbies. You can include on the map the places where you go to swim, play watch movies and hang out without including unnecessary clutter. You can add and remove features depending on your preference. Most maps that are bought are provided in formats that are not editable.

Most companies do not sell the shape files they used to make the maps. You just have to trust their accuracy which is not always a guarantee. Others only sell printed versions in hard copies so that they cannot be reprinted to protect their copyrights.

Learning Experience

Making your own maps is a fun experience by itself. You get to see your work coming through from scratch. On top of the fun part, creating your own map is also a perfect learning opportunity. You get the chance to learn about new software and terminology and also explore your creative side. With regular practice, you can then go ahead to turn this skills into a professional career.


There are several benefits on why you should make your own map. You get to gain some new skill and on top of that you also save on costs that could have been spent purchasing ready maps.